LÄKARSTUDIER/MEDICALSTUDIES The University of Nicosia Medical School

Tell us about a typical school day!
A typical day in The University of Nicosia Medical School are full of interactive lectures, small group tutorials and interesting discussions. The weekly schedule is organized in a systematic manner in which students have the ability to pursue extracurricular activities simultaneously with their academics. The university offers independent learning in which students have the chance to book cadavers/clinical rooms to practice their clinical skills (applies for students in MD Year 2 and onwards). There is never a dull moment in a week at UNIC as there is a vast amount of information to acquire and interesting discussions to be a part of.

How do you live?
I live in a single room accommodation offered by the university, situated only 5 minutes by walk from the main campus. It is very convenient and is walking distance from places like the grocery store, the medical school, the gym, coffee shops and the mall. My single bed room consists of my own kitchen, a bathroom/shower, a desk, a balcony, a tv, and etc.

What do you think of Nicosia as a place of study? 
Nicosia is a student friendly city – It has fun attractions, parks, malls, shopping streets to visit. The beautiful and scenic beaches of Cyprus are only 1-2 hours away from Nicosia by bus and are absolutely worth swimming in!

What do you usually do during your free time?
During my free time, I usually do things which help me recharge for the upcoming week whether that’s seeing my friends, going to old town, reading a book, or spending the day in bed.

Are you happy with the studies at your university? Would you recommend it to others?
From my personal experience, I think the university is great and has both excellent academic and social aspects to offer. You’ll have early exposure to clinical placements and patient care starting in year 2. The university also offers cadavers and early training with medical equipments such as the stethoscope and measuring blood pressure and sugar levels. The student services at the university organise fun social events and gatherings which give students an opportunity to meet new people and take a break from their busy schedules. And as per Cyprus, it’s a beautiful country and is sunny 365 days a year. So no doubt you’ll have a fun time studying medicine.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans in the future are to further my understanding in the theoretical and experimental aspect of medicine. Technology continues to grow and take over many different aspects of our daily activities, therefore, I would like to be involved in the process of investigating and evaluating new findings to further develop the medical field. This program helps me get closer to that goal by helping me build a base and get an advanced understanding of how the body functions.

How did you come to the decision to study abroad?
Deciding where and which university you’ll spend the next few very important years in is a huge decision you have to make in a small amount of time. I made sure to throughly carry out my research, get in touch with senior students on their experiences at the university, compare and contrast between universities (pros and cons list) and stay closely in touch with my admissions advisor.

Why did you choose EduPlanet to help you with your application for medical studies abroad?
Applications and finding the perfect university can be a nerve-wrecking and confusing process. I applied through EduPlanet to receive additional help and to make sure my application has no flaws or missing pieces of information. They helped me with my applications to several universities and were incredibly patient and pleasant through the whole process.