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Low price and over 90% success rate Study from home online live or when you want Lessons in real time with class and recorded Unique courses- you study what you need: chemistry, biology, physics or math Extremely satisfied students Scandinavian quality with top class teachers

Give yourself a chance of admission

If your dream is to become a dentist, doctor or veterinarian, but have difficulty entering a medical school based on your grades, here is your chance, apply via entrance exam!

It is difficult to pass the entrance exams without preparation, but EduPlanet’s PreMed courses enable you to get the desired passing score. We are the only ones in Sweden to hold our own PreMed courses in real time, with a virtual class. Further, we also have online self-study courses.

Customized courses for the medical university entrance exam where 95% get in!

We guarantee that if you took at least one exam and you are not accepted, you can attend our PreMed courses free of charge once more! However, there is a high probability that you will be admitted to a medical university as 95% of our course participants pass our medical university entrance exams on the first try!


Unique course concept

We are the only Scandinavian trainer that offers PreMed course in Chemistry and Biology – Live – in real time online with a connected class. That course is also offered as a recorded version. Alongside the Live course, we also have other separate recorded courses for self-study in, basic chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Our range of courses means that you can optionally combine several courses into an optimal mix that fills your knowledge gaps.

In EduPlanet’s PreMed Live course, you are connected via the computer and participate in the teaching in real time with your teacher and international class online. This course is also recorded and available online 24h7 so that, as with the other recorded courses, you can study and revise at your convenience. All our courses are in English and they follow a clear course plan. All this together with low prices makes us completely unique!

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is one of the most modern forms of teaching using a technology that gives you the same dynamic experience as in a traditional classroom. The difference to a traditional course is that you do not have to be physically present in the same room as the teacher and your classmates. All teaching and teacher contact takes place online, via phone and email. You can sit at home or be in another location of your choice and participate in the actively via your computer. This makes it possible for anyone who wants to take a course without having to move to a specific course location where the course is given, making this for the vast majority a much cheaper option.

Just computer & Stable internet connection

Regardless of the course, the only thing you need is a functioning computer with an internet connection. We’ll help you get started!

Our teacher

Our teacher Dr. Esther Yeheskieli is one of Sweden’s most experienced and knowledgeable PreMed teachers. She is a docent and trained teacher. Esther has worked as a lecturer at Karolinska Institutet and speaks 6 languages. Her specialty is in Organic and Bio Organic Chemistry and has very long experience in research with more than 60 scientific articles published. Esther has more than 30 years of teaching experience in areas such as chemistry, physics, biology and human biology, which are essential parts of the PreMed courses. Not least, she is also very popular and appreciated as a teacher! Read Student Comment under the green tab. In addition to English, she also speaks Swedish, Arabic, German, Dutch and Hebrew, which is often helpful in our international classes.

Good contacts

The mood and interactions with the classmates is usually high and very rewarding. Since it is also easy to keep in touch with the other participants, it becomes natural to help each other and ask questions.

Pick up exactly the courses you need

You can choose a single course or put together any combination as you see fit. Our courses are adapted to your specific needs, regardless if you are a beginner or more advanced in certain topic. That makes us unique!

Real PreMed school with many courses to choose from

Our PreMed school has existed for many years and provides the following courses which are tailored to your needs, shorter and longer courses (see above on the tab Courses):

  • PreMed  – Live
  • PreMed  – Recorded
  • PreMed Chemistry – Recorded
  • PreMed Biology – Recorded
  • PreMed Physics – Recorded
  • PreMed Math – Recorded
  • PreMed Chemistry First Contact (CFC) – Recorded

Application to medical university via entrance exam

EduPlanet’s PreMed courses are therefore for you who want to study abroad to become a doctor, dentist or veterinarian and apply via an entrance exam. The courses contain what you need to pass the medical university entrance exam, which 95% of our students have so far passed on the first attempt! After the end of the courses, you have the opportunity to take the admissions test to the medical university that best suits for you. We are Sweden’s largest representative for some of the best medical universities in Europe and guide you to the most suitable for you. We also have medical universities that have admission via grades, read more about all our medical universities here.

Here are the medical universities we work with that have entrance exams and that we recommend:




In the case of Riga Stradins University (Latvia), admission is only possible with high school grades and not through an entrance exam. However, even if you got accepted based on your grades, it is highly recommended to have your natural sciences knowledge and English in check.

Premed Live, PreMed CFC and the Premed Biology will help you come well prepared to medical school.

Try our demo lessons – completely free

You are welcome to see for yourself and watch a free chemistry demo. This demo will give you a chance to try out our lessons and see how our PreMed works. Email us if you want to receive an invitation to a demo lesson.

So Why choose our PreMed courses

We have summarized the most important reasons why you should choose our premed courses, see further up on the green tab ”Why our PreMed”. Here are some of them in brief:

  • The only ones offering high quality Chemistry and Biology course in a class, in real time or as recorded
  • Uniquely many courses to choose from: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math
  • Possibility to combine Live course with Recorded courses.
  • Course start several times a year or all year round
  • Many extremely satisfied course participants
  • Documented proven success, high chance of admission
  • Comprehensive content
  • Real PreMed school with full-time teachers
  • Active teacher support for each participant
  • Highly appreciated teacher
  • The courses are available online 24h7
  • Low Price
  • Sweden’s most experienced PreMed organizer
  • Contact with previous course participants
  • We help most Swedes to study medicine abroad
  • All our PreMed customers get their own study guide for Medicine



Our unique PreMed courses are available in different packages. We also have a chemistry beginner’s course. All courses are in English.

PreMed Live – Virtual Classroom Online (10 weeks)

This is our most popular course, our flagship course for you who needs to go through all important parts primary within Chemistry and Biology for being prepared for the Medicine universities entrance tests. The course is 10 weeks long and is given online in real time in a so-called Virtual Classroom. As the only Scandinavian Premed course provider our lessons on this course are held in realt time, where teacher and the students are interacting. Every lessons are recorded and you have access to the recordings online 24h/7 for 4 months from the start of the course. The recording makes it easy to go back and rewatch the lesson if you happen to miss it or if you wish to repeat something and rehearse. In addition, you don’t have to rely on your notes, since you get all the lessons presentation shared with you via google drive. For the duration of the course, you also get active teacher support via e.g. email, Facebook and phone.

The course contains:

  • 10-week, on an average 3 days a week for 2-4 hours a day
  • Focus on Chemistry, Biology and Anatomy
  • The course starts spring and fall
  • Practice and revision lessons.
  • The chemistry teaching is comprehensive and specially adapted to pass the entrance tests of the medical schools.
  • All lessons are recorded and available until August 31st.
  • Course language is English.
  • Active and regular teacher support during the course.
  • Teaching material in pdf and ppt format.
  • Large number of practice questions in pdf format
  • Regular diagnostic tests to ensure that everyone is keeping up
  • Lesson directed towards solving old medical university’s entrance tests
  • The course periods are planned according to the medical school entrance test dates.
  • Free access to our ongoing webinars about medical studies abroad.
  • Free application help and admission assessment to medical universities abroad.

PreMed Recorded – Online (10 weeks)

This course is the recorded version of the Premed Live. It is available online on the web 24h7. Since it is recorded, you can start when you want and study at your own pace, shorter or longer than the 10 weeks. The Chemistry Recorded course also includes active teacher support via email and phone, which is important support if you have questions. This course is a good budget alternative for the live classes.

The course contains:

  • All lessons available online until August 31st.
  • You can start any day of the week all year round, when it suits you!
  • Practice lessons and revision lessons are also available.
  • All teaching takes place in English.
  • Teacher support during the course.
  • Homework material and book in pdf format.
  • Large number of practice questions in pdf format
  • Free access to our ongoing webinars about medical studies abroad.

PreMed Chemistry Recorded – Online (approx 8 weeks)

This course includes all chemistry parts you need for passing the Medical universities entrance tests. It also prepares you for studying Medicine or Dentistry if you have been accepted. The course is available online on the web 24h7 and includes active teacher support via email and phone, which is important support if you have questions.

The course contains:

  • All lessons available online until August 31st.
  • You can start any day of the week all year round, when it suits you!
  • Practice lessons and revision lessons are also available.
  • All teaching takes place in English.
  • Teacher support during the course.
  • Homework material and book in pdf format.
  • Large number of practice questions in pdf format
  • Free access to our ongoing webinars about medical studies abroad.

PreMed Biology Recorded – Online (approx 5 weeks)

The Biology course is a perfect for those students who also need to brush up on their biology skills. Along with chemistry, biology is the most important subject in the entrance exams. Since the course is recorded you can study it at your convenience.

The course contains:

  • The course covers the topics that are required to pass the medical university entrance exam.
  • This course is Recorded and contains 20 recorded teaching sessions.
  • The course is available 24h/7 until August 31st
  • Your own course book in PDF, which you keep after the end of the course.
  • Teacher support during the course.

PreMed Chemistry First Contact (CFC) Recorded – Online (approx 5 weeks)

Some PreMed providers say that a student can follow their course without previous knowledge of chemistry. However, this is often half the truth. The premed course might start from the basics, but the course’s pace is very tough and the vast majority of the other students have taken chemistry in high school. So those students lacking the basic level may find themselves stressed and overwhelmed. Chemistry First Contact (CFC) course helps bringing you up to level. It gives you the foundation in chemistry that you need to join and complete successfully the PreMed courses above. Since the course is recorded you can study it at your convenience.

The course contains:

  • 20 recorded teaching sessions
  • The course is available online 24h/7 until August 31st
  • Your own course book in PDF format
  • Homework files
  • Teacher support during the course

PreMed Physics Recorded – Online (approx 2 weeks)

The course covers the topics that are required to successfully pass the physics section in medical university entrance exam. Since the course is recorded you can study it at your convenience.

The course contains:

  • The course comprises 12 recorded teaching sessions
  • Recordings available 24h/7 until August 31st
  • You receive a course textbook in PDF format
  • Exercise tasks

PreMed Math Recorded – Online (approx 2 weeks)

The Math course is recorded so that you can follow at your convenience.

The course contains:

  • 14 recorded teaching sessions
  • Access available 24h/7 until August 31st
  • You receive a course textbook in PDF format
  • Exercise tasks

For all prices and dates see above the green tab Prices & dates.

Why should I take EduPlanet’s PreMed?

It may not be so easy to quickly understand the difference between our unique PreMed courses and other available PreMeds. To explain what the differences are we listed them here below:

+ Established PreMed school with full-time staff and many course options

Our premed school is an established real school that has been around for many years and has full time teachers. This allows us to give you optimal assistance and help you select for you the best suitable course. We offer you several different course options, shorter intensive courses or longer courses, based on your needs.

+ The Live course, high-quality teaching almost as physical class

As described earlier, the Virtual Classroom provides the opportunity to take a course together with other participants in real time, but remotely/online. This does not require the student to be physically present in a specific location so you can study in the convenience of you own home. The system used by EduPlanet PreMed provides superior accessibility, actual class experience and constant interaction between the students and the teacher. Our teacher is one of Sweden’s best and most experienced PreMed teachers, who puts quality and goal fulfillment first. You are most important to us!

+ PreMed Recorded – like the Live course but recorded

The recorded version of the our PreMed courses gives you the same teaching time and scope of content as the Live version, but as a MP4 video. No one else offers a recorded premed course with the same amount of courses and the same content as EduPlanet PreMed. It is a big difference! According to our experience, shorter courses may not contain the complete set of required topic or due to lack of time may not be comprehensive enough. This may be reflected in your entrance exam results.

+ A variety of courses with exactly what you need and with a flexible start

The courses PreMed Live and Recorded, Chemistry First Contact (CFC), Biology, Physics and Math are intensive courses specially designed for you who need to improve or repeat these subjects. You can select exactly the courses you need and study whenever you want, all year round! The recorded courses are available 24-7 online. Also the live chemistry course is recorded and available 24-7 online. Access to each course is for a period of 4-months. The recorded courses are  easily accessible regardless of where you are, as long as you have a computer and connection.

+ Alla kurser spelas in & är tillgängliga 24-7 online

Oavsett PreMed-kurs hos oss finns undervisningen inspelad och tillgänglig för dig. Du kan när som helst 24-7 under en 4 månadsperiod gå in och se, repetera och studera de moment du behöver. Det är lättillgängligt oavsett var du befinner dig, bara du har en dator och uppkoppling.

+ Very good price

EduPlanet’s PreMed courses are cheaper than other existing PreMed courses.

+ High admission numbers – so far more than 95% of the students that took our courses got admitted to a Medical university

Our courses are very intensive and have a proven track record of success. You even have very good chances of being accepted to several universities through entrance exams. So up to now,  95% of our PreMed students got accepted to medical school by passing the relevant entrance exam on the first try .

+Long experience and proven success

Our Premed school has existed for many years and we are by far the one with the most experience in working with Swedish and Scandinavian students. The pre-med courses are made with a single purpose, that after the course you will pass the medical university’s entrance exam, which you will do that if you follow the course plan. We know what is required, that’s why our courses have the length and content that is needed, don’t count on it!

+ Probably the most satisfied course participants

We dare to say that we probably have the most satisfied PreMed course participants among Scandinavian educators. It is clearly reflected in the students testimonials and reviews. We are often told, as you can read in our student comments, that our teacher is the best teacher they have ever had and that the course made their dream of joining medical school come true.

+ Admission assessment and guidance to the right medical university

Being the largest and most experienced in medicine studies abroad in Sweden, we know very well which schools will suit you. As a participant in our PreMed courses, we help you find the right and best university for you. With us, you can get valuable tips that will make your study time successful and enjoyable.

+Probably Sweden’s best PreMed teacher

As a teacher and responsible for our PreMed school, our teacher Dr. Esther Yeheskieli will make sure that your path to success is secured. Esther has a long experience in teaching the PreMed subjects and receives very good evaluations from our participants. We are proud to have her on our team and our participants praise her.

+ Constant teacher support & commitment

We will monitor your progress during the course to make sure that you study properly and that you really understand the taught material. Our ambition is that each participant would feel that he is learning and not just getting information. You will also get to know what the universities usually include in their entrance tests, and above all what is not included so you don’t have to spend time focusing on unnecessary topics. During the courses, you will be able to email the teacher if you have questions. We also create a a facebook group just for the classes where students can communicate with each other and or with the teacher.

+ High degree of well being

We work hard to ensure that the course participants get to know each other so that they can push and help each other. The live classes are dynamic, fun and engaging. Our goal is that everyone should feel involved and that we get the dynamics that normally exist in a good class that works together towards the same goal.

+ EduPlanet – a stable Swedish education company that has existed since 1982

We are a serious Scandinavian company with long history, who puts the care about our course participants and their benefits, and our teachers wellness in the first room. Our largest area of education is the medical studies and our own PreMed school is the apple of our eye. As our course participant, you will notice that. Your success and well being are most important for us!


Prices & dates 2023

Course prices
PreMed Live Virtual Classroom
10 week live course where all lessons are also recorded and available until August 31st: 20 900 SEK
PreMed Recorded 
The Live course as recorded, available until August 31st: 14 900 SEK
PreMed Biology Recorded 
8 weeks Recorded lessons, available until August 31st: 11 500 SEK
PreMed Chemistry Recorded 
5 weeks Recorded lessons, available until August 31st: 7 500 SEK
PreMed Chemistry First Contact (CFC) Recorded
5 weeks Recorded lessons, available until August 31st: 7 500 SEK
The same course as above, but for a discounted price if it is added to another of our Premed courses: 3 000 SEK
PreMed Physics Recorded 
5 weeks Recorded lessons, available until August 31st: 3 500 SEK
PreMed – Maths Recorded
2 weeks Recorded lessons, available until August 31st: 3 500 SEK
Private tuition 
Lessons in Chemistry, Biology, Maths or Physics for those who have booked one of our PreMed courses. Minimum 2 lessons: 499 SEK
Do not miss
Each year we give two applying students the EduPlanet PreMed Scholarship, value up to 50% of the course cost. Contact us if you want to apply for our scholarship

• If you wish, you can pay in several installments. In such case please contact EduPlanet’s Medicine team for more information

• If you start with Chemistry Recorded, you can upgrade to the Live course and complete it for a cost of only SEK 5,000

•When booking several courses, you can get a discount which is adapted to different packages, as us about this!


Important dates

Starting dates
PreMed Live (10 weeks) 2023:  20/11-9/2 (2024), 2024: 4/3-25/4
PreMed Recorded All year round
PreMed Biology/Chemistry/Chemistry First Contact/Physics/Maths – Record All year round
Private tuition All year round



Have you decided?

To register, do the following:

  • Fill in our application form for PreMed at this link – Book PreMed Course
  • Pay the first installment of the course SEK 2,500 by:

-If paying from Sweden: pay to Bankgiro number 206-8880
-If paying from abroad: Pay the amount in Swedish Krona (SEK) to bank SEB and IBAN: SE6550 0000 0539 9100 0148, BIC/Swift: ESSESESS

  • In the message box of the bank payment, write:

-your name
-name of  chosen program
-chosen course start

  •  Email us at and mention that you have paid the registration fee (good to attach the receipt and we will make sure to contact that you with a quick confirmation and an access to the chosen Premed.

Student comments

Murtaza 21 years old, PreMed Chemistry Live

At first it felt like it wouldn’t work. I was very unsure about this idea, but I decided to try this anyway. As it turned out, I was very wrong. It was probably the best decision I have made in my entire life, which led to me currently being in my first year of Medicine at LSMU (Lithuania).

The recorded lessons appeared after a few hours. When I had trouble with some stuff I didn’t understand, I went back and watched the recorded lessons. Then during the weekends I used to sit and watch all the lessons that were on that week while eating my cookies with tea. Sometimes you have to enjoy yourself too. I didn’t watch all the videos because I decided to focus on the important subjects needed for the LSMU entrance exam, which are chemistry and biology. This was my routine. We humans work differently, but this is how I did it.

I have no words for how good the teacher (Esther) is in her work. She ranks 1st together with my old chemistry/biology teacher as the best teachers in my entire life.

Was the course useful? Absolutely. Without the course, I would have had to retake the exams a good number of times until I might have passed. Then there are perhaps people who have better knowledge/memory than me and remember most things from high school, but the course also covered old stuff from high school as well as new things that are needed to be able to pass the exam. I learned a lot and will remember most of it if I hear it again. I have benefited from the knowledge from the lessons even during university lessons.

Joakim, 20 years old, PreMed Chemistry and Biology Recorded

The course was very good. I have studied biology, physics and chemistry earlier, but taught me new things in every lesson. The layout was great with good materials, lessons and tests. If you had difficulties during the lesson, you could always go back and watch it again and repeat until you got it, or contact the teacher who is happy to help you. The teacher Esther have a lot of knowledge in everything, so it was very comfortable that she was the teacher who taught and who you could turn to if you had difficulties. With Esther as a teacher, things can’t go

If you want to study medicine, I recommend the PREMED course, it’s worth all the time and money. With Esther as a teacher, and much of study, you will definitely get one step closer to your dream.

Rasmus, 26 years old, PreMed Chemistry Live

My experience with EduPlanet Premed is truly something I would call extraordinary! It is cheaper than other premed courses and the teaching is given by the best teacher I have come across.

At first I was very skeptical about distance learning and found it difficult. But after a few weeks you get used to it. The first weeks came as a shock, you were in a panic and couldn’t understand how to learn so much in such a short time. We were informed that at the end of the course all the pieces will fall into place and a chemical and biological logic will tie the knot. I doubted it, but against the odds it was true!

Would I choose eduplanet again? Undoubtedly! The best thing about Eduplanet’s premed is that after each lecture you get an incredible amount of material to practice on. Which motivated me to try to understand and solve all tasks before the end of the day. You have constant access to the teacher via email and you get incredibly good feedback.

Eduplanet is incredibly committed to all students who attend their premed course. For example, you get constant praise during lectures and it also happens that I received an email saying good job today. It’s not really possible to describe the support you get. Is like Eduplanet being the parents in one’s family. I passed the entrance exam for doctors and will now start studying abroad this fall!

Kalle, 20 years old, PreMed Chemistry First Contact

I very enjoyed your lessons Esther, they were really educating and at the same time very funny. I learned a lot and you made me very interested. Even my family told me to shut up at the dinner table because I did not stop talking chemistry.

And I now understand the power of repeating, or as you called it, brain washing. Which now I am trying to do to myself with naturkunskap 2. I also liked when you gave me some responsibility and I got to try things on my own. Like the practice days.

So to sum it all up, I need to learn the language of chemistry. I really enjoyed the course and you managed to brain wash me. Thank you so much for everything Esther, again.

Ava, 19 years old, Premed Chemistry First Contact Recorded

I though the course was very good, I feel more prepared for medical school than I was before and I feel like I learned new information and was even reminded of old information I had forgotten.

I think Esther was an amazing teacher that made sure we were learning and active studying, which always is needed. I would without a doubt recommend this course to
others. I compared to other PreMed alternatives, but found Eduplanets course the best for me, which I don’t regret now being a student.

Ask our study advisor Johan!

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Ask our study advisor Dr Esther!

Order info/Ask a question

Student stories

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